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Just FYI, I am so wholly in arrangement with your hypothesis that I just are not able to feel that this point can be perceived as taking place in another way.

I noticed the NOVA episode on MH370 a week back, and it got me thinking of eventualities. I have not viewed this proposed: Poor men go ahead and take plane and use the threat of killing the passengers to secure the cooperation on the crew. They inform the captain to turn off transponders so he does. They immediate him to vary study course so he does. The captain complies right until he concerns the conclusion that they plan to use the plane like a bomb, killing All people on board in any case. By this time They can be back throughout Malaysia.

And even with the recorders salvaged we may not learn what happened. My hunch is the fact a malfunction, as opposed to foul play, brought the airplane down. A inadequately taken care of decompression, one example is, brought on by a structural trouble or windscreen failure. Or perhaps a catastrophic electrical failure coupled with smoke, fireplace or fumes that rendered the crew unconscious. Granted that doesn’t completely jibe Together with the evidence, but none

And third, transponders will sometimes malfunction and transmit erroneous or incomplete data, at which position a crew will “cycle” the machine or swap to a different unit. Typically at the least two transponders are visit here onboard, and you can’t operate each at the same time. Even further, you'll find various transponder subfunctions, or “modes” as we simply call them — manner C, by way of example, or manner S — answerable for distinctive info, and these can be turned off independently.

The issue is, is there more than enough electric power to lessen the flaps following a 30 moment glide. I think the answer is yes. He had lots of ability from air ram to descend.

stated in the put up again on March 14th. That a fireplace would be strong sufficient knock out communications and incapacitate the crew, nonetheless not destroy the plane in a short time, is undoubtedly a sticking stage, but neither can it be unachievable.

The concept that a first officer with a Boeing 777 wouldn’t have the experience or know-how to function the aircraft on his personal is further than preposterous. Why the investigator would assert usually, if in truth the quotation was interpreted appropriately, I have no idea.

Or, each the hijackers and also the crew were eradicated and some lousy passengers did what they might for as long as they may.

As for your ridiculously cynical rebuttal to the article, I'm able to only say to that author: you've got your head so firmly up your ass that you choose to’d need Drano as an alternative to toothpaste.

So how exactly does the hypoxia principle account for anyone information? So how exactly does hypoxia account for the transponder getting turned off? How can hypoxia account for that airplane sharply deviating from its flight route and having three turns? So how exactly does any induce aside from human action demonstrate the plane building 3 turns?

when the lacking plane was near land. After more than Continued the open up water, on or off, it didn’t make any difference in any case

unconventional relating to this salutation. Whilst it Seems cryptic during the context of the ongoing mystery, it’s a perfectly usual sign-off — the sort of thing pilots say to controllers all the time

In almost any scenario, with regard into the lacking Malaysia Airlines plane, a discussion of transponders is just partly applicable in the first place. For air visitors Handle reasons, transponders only operate in regions of ATC radar coverage. After over and above a certain length in the coast, the oceans aren't monitored by radar, and transponders usually are not useful for monitoring.

Disregard the clumsily sarcastic remark underneath your publish. Certainly you might be Totally a hundred% spot on — Probably a handful of particulars (possibly several) took place differently compared to way you hypothesize, though the ESSENCE of the argument — which the pilot, for what ever causes, intentionally got down to crash the plane, killing Get More Information Everybody on board like himself and in the method rendering it as difficult as you possibly can for any person seeking to find an explanation — possibly he’d been reading too many “Earhart” publications — is exactly what took place.

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